• Joe

    You said…”Unfortanely its a bit too small for me (27 1/4 wheels)”

    It’s not the wheel size, but the frame size that determines rider height.

  • J. Valentin

    as joe correctly points out, its not the wheels. Nor in this case, its the frame. But frame + wheels make it rather small (compare with the 63 cm Mustang). I thought the pics made it obvious.
    28″ size wheels will lift it a bit.

  • J. Valentin

    Cameron! About crank and BB, the type is Fauber and most common on bikes not specified to be true racing. I would say they´ve been standard in Sweden for a long time (late 40`s-late 60`s). The diameter vary between 34,7 – 39,5 mm (if that was what you meant). Cheers!

  • Craig Brna

    I own a Monark Ultra Lyx 3 speed bicycle and am interested in finding a owners manual or book about this particular bike if anyone could please help me.Thanks!!