• Adam

    What saddle is that? It looks just like the Brooks BN5 that I have on my Nishiki, I love it!

  • Juhas

    What a beautyful bike:) I like that paintjob!

  • Alex K

    This bike is amazing, and I cant believe someone would sell it.

  • Pfaff

    There’s your OTS of the month right there.

    Beautiful bike. Awesome color.

    I wonder what it ended up going for? I couldn’t find it under the ebay completed auctions.

  • Hugh

    Pfaff, I agree, Its got my vote! What a Beauty

  • http://www.balloontirebicycle.com Marc P

    One of the nicest bikes i ever did see. And really cool pics of it too. Any idea how old it is?

  • http://oldtenspeedgallery.com/owner-submitted/alex Alex K.

    I would rather have this bike than any bike i could possibly purchase new.

  • http://www.balloontirebicycle.com Marc P

    Me too.
    I read somewhere that it is a 1968 bike.

  • J. Valentin

    Dont sell! Go riding!

  • The Kid

    5-28-09 I have the exact same Dawes as Jason I would like to sell. It is all original from the 70″s I am the original owner. When I bought it I paid $500. back then. Tom in Howell Michigan

  • http://otsg Duncan

    Could you tell me some of the other bits you used please. In particular the rims and tyres, whether they’re the original 37 inchers, and what those fantastic brake levers are. Also whether you re-painted or it’s original.

    Such a fantastic bike, so worthy of emulation. Thanks

  • The Kid

    It is all original as it was purchased new. I believe the tire are original also.

  • Joe B.

    Congrats on “Old Ten Speed of the Month”. You got me by ONE VOTE!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Drew-Knowles-Sr/590779087 Drew Knowles Sr

    I have an orange Dawes Galaxy. Bought it in 1973/74. I had no idea anyone thought it something of value.

  • Alan West

    Looks far too nice to sell.

  • Jason Stratton

    I MY GOODNESS!!! I just found this from 11 years ago. That was my bike!!! Seriously wish that I still had it. Hope it’s still out there somewhere being ridden and enjoyed.