• http://marksbikes.wordpress.com/ Mark A.

    Not sure I can date it much closer than already stated, but my sense is that it’s probably in the 1976-77 range due to the combination of components. Neat bike – Windsor tends to be an underappreciated marquee.

  • older1

    I’m sorry I couldn’t begin to guess a year, but it sure looks like a beauty, Jay; very nice!
    It looks like it’s got the classic/enjoyable sport-tour geometry using a combination of sportier head/seat tube angles for agility, with generous fork rake and chainstay length (to slightly stretch the wheelbase for comfort/stability)!

  • Jack Lamoreaux

    1977. I’m restoring one right now. I’m original owner. Bought in Grand Rapids, MI.

  • Jack Lamoreaux

    At the time I bought smaller frame for my wife. It was orange. Big mistake I sold it.