• Joe B.

    Bravo on keeping it in “like new” condition. Love the ‘old school’ rear rack. This is truly a testament to the Schwinn quality of days gone by. 🙂

  • veetwelve

    I just noticed a glaring error in my text… Lance Armstrong’s home town is Plano, Texas and not Denton. Plano is about 35 miles southeast of Denton, and I have lived a number of years in both places.

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com sprocket56

    I love the old Schwinns. And yellow sometimes called (kool lemon) is one of the best colors.I have re-done a couple of old yellow Schwinn 10 speeds and they both sold quickly. And I`ll second that BRAVO for keeping it so nice. Isn`t Plano Texas where all those great fishing tackle boxes came from?

  • edh

    Great bike love the yellow. BTW: Plano tackle boxes are made in Plano Illinois.

  • Todd

    I just bought one of a bum last night for $10. Pretty decent condition. Original everything. Score!

  • Blatant Truth

    This is the EXACT bike I received as a birthday gift when I was 11 or 12 (cannot remember exactly), and I rode this bike everywhere until I graduated from High School and went into the Army. I always appreciated how wonderful a gift this was and wish I had kept it. Thank you for sharing the pictures and your story!