• Black Pearl

    To Quote the Joker “Batman, where do you get all these TOYS?”

    That is too good looking.

  • http://www.claybowler.com Clay Bowler

    This is a 1984 model. My sister had the women’s version of this bike. We purchased our Raleigh bikes the year they supported the US Olympic Cycling Team in LA at Bass Pro Shop in Springfield, MO.

  • Michael

    Actually, It is an 83 model. I have the bike, as well as the Raleigh catalog from that year (There’s a PDF floating around the net somewhere). Looks like it’s all original right down to the seat, cables, and foam grips. Clay possible bought the bike new as last years stock at the beginning of 84, or the 84 was very similar to the 83, bu

  • Sam

    How much does it weigh?

  • Dwayne

    My Dad has this bike…riden about 10 times..what do you think it’s worth?

  • Carly

    anyone know how to fix a brake cable that is not staying locked into the lever….the housing part not the actual cable that is pulled by the lever…