• older1

    What a great classic British OTS, in amazing, original condition considering its age, Jeanette! If your bike could only talk! You must really enjoy riding such a unique OTS!
    Wow: 1961. I’m not a vintage OTS authority by any measure, but isn’t that about the time when the “lightweight British racing 10-speed” initiated a whole new trend away from heavy balloon-tired bikes in the USA (I suppose the French and Italians may have been similarly responsible)?
    We’ll never know, but after approximately 50 years, it would be interesting to find out what level of attention the bearings have seen that has kept your bike in service.
    Too bad about your rims, though, but if the hubs are still in serviceable shape, they could certainly be laced into new spokes/alloy rims (if only for better braking performance when wet).

  • rickshaw

    Yes, yes ,yes, yes .YES!
    Very very very sexy!

  • Doghouse Riley

    Y’know, if I could spend the time and legwork necessary to find beauties like this it wouldn’t be to turn a quick $50 on Craigslist…

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    What a wonderful find (:

  • Mike

    I really love the paint/color bar tape on this super fine OTS – great job

  • dave

    Nice .

    Was the kickstand mounted near the rear axel? Dave

  • Chris

    Hi Jeanette,
    I came across a Rudge Royale recently and was doing research to learn more about it. As it turns out, I actually have your bike. I just finished restoring it. Now I’m waiting until spring to ride it.
    Take Care,