• Chris

    wow! that frame isn’t the most amazing thing on two wheels but the shimano group is great! you know 600 is what became the ultegra group and those ornate components are especially unique!

  • Dennis

    Hey Jedd, my friend found a Takara Competition in his uncle’s garage and it seems to have original parts. Do you know if he should accept the $100 offer he’s getting from another friend? q

  • Hetz3

    Excellent piece of equipment. Would say they should hold their cost. A Takara Competition 12-Speed with Shimano components, sweet. It sold new for $325 in 1980. Rear hub was practically silent. Take off the reflectors on the wheel spokes and it would fly. Passed a Volkswagen Beatle on a 3-mile downhill highway and the guy said I was doing over 55. Easy to polish up and easy to service all the bearings. After many miles … it is hanging in the garage, ready to go. .

  • Jim Carr

    This is the exact same bike I still ride. I bought it new in 1981 at Harris Cyclery in Newton MA.Very smooth and quiet. It still has all the original Shimano 600 components except for the front derailleur. Many miles on it and still rides beautifully.