• BeaterRezQ

    ..now that’s a resto-job and a great save.
    $12.95, pffffft—I believe it! I once found a 1988 Trek 1000 for $10 at a rummage sale. I asked the lady if the bike was really for $10, and she smiled at me and said, ” Is that too much?” I nearly laughed out loud. Before leaving said rummage sale another shopper offered me $25–before I even had the chance to ride my new purchase. Then I laughed out loud!!
    ….and the only thing that can really beat that, is the totally 100% free bikes; had a few of those too.(amazing the things that wasteful Americans deem as useless)
    **trek 1000 was nearly mint

  • Ryan Surface

    Nice find and great restoration on the Peugeot Sport Jeff, especially like the front derailleur fix. You’ve made it almost too nice to be a rain bike 😉 but then again they were made to be ridden.