• http://OTSG Dave M

    Cameron,the pull down window write your own descripion thing was brilliant, funny and yet somehow disturbingly twisted.

  • Bob H

    This is an amazingly nice Varsity, even for not being purple!


  • http://oldtenspeedgallery.com The Ten-Speed Dreamer

    Thanks Dave.

    I’ve seen a few descriptions.:) I could have gone on and on but ya, work always interrupts my fun.

  • Joe B.

    Find some o.e. reflectors for it & slap on those “super hot Cheng Shin gum walls” – it’ll be one hell-of-a-bike!

  • Hugh

    Those fenders are sweet! I`m wondering if
    the rear fender is still sporting it`s reflector? A couple more years and you`ll need a scraper to get the tires off.With that front reflector mount, I`m guessing 1974. Is the second letter of the serial number a (K) ?