• punishstang

    my serial# i just got one like yours for 20 dollars are these rare, worth anything? i changed everything on it now rides awesome. but this is the only place i found with info on it thanks
    my serial# B122573

  • Alicia Jolene

    I just bought one for 7.50 at a yard sale. I’m glad to know that punishstang’s bike runs great as a restore! Planning the same on mine.

  • Gabriel

    I bought an old pegasus like yours not too long ago. Same color and decals, practically identical yet with a few exceptions: drop down handle bars and the top tube is curved downward. I had never seen a bicycle with a curved top tube until I found this Pegasus. After putting in some money and time, it’s restored and looking great. I get lots of heads turning when I ride my bicycle and once an offer to purchase. 🙂 Sadly it’s hard to find info about this bicycle or anyone who’s knows of it’s history.

  • Gabriel

    Here’s my winged Pegasus.