• BeaterRezQ

    Jeff S., trash belongs in a local trash site–but Mister that ol’ Fuji was sure out of place on that heap.
    So glad you rescued it, love the chrome fork and for free…you did righteously. Just a guess: late 70’s?

  • http://www.facebook.com/wellroundedengineer Roger Allison

    Suntour derailleur and Weimann brakes definitely nice components.

  • Ryan

    Nice save Jeff. According to Classic Fuji your bike appears to be a 1981 vintage machine http://www.classicfuji.com/Sports12&Sports12L_1981_Page.htm Really like the old Fuji’s. I just completed a 1979 Royale that I have submitted to Cameron and hope will grace these hallowed pages one day. That nice Sports 12 should give you miles of smiles.

  • Ryan S

    Jeff nicely restored, love those old Fujis. I just sent Cameron a ’79 Fuji Royale I fixed up. If you go to Classic Fuji it would appear you have a 1981 sports http://www.classicfuji.com/Sports12&Sports12L_1981_Page.htm