• http://none Ralph Moore

    Just found a “Murry” 10 speed in great shape. Plan on riding it till next spring, then stripping it and painting the frame. Will take before and after pics.
    I enjoy this web site, hope it continues! Ralph

  • RickS

    I love the look of a mixte. Nice job. This bike does have character.
    Ride it with pride.

  • Jason

    Hey Jeff,
    I just found an old Randor hanging under my parents deck that I plan on bringing back to life. I was just wondering where you were able to find a new crank set that was identical to the original. Unfortunately for me, the derailleurs are rusted past repair so I’m really just going to be building this bike up from the frame and fork. It will be my first complete rebuild… Any advice?…


    • Jeff V

      Hi Jason. I just now saw your question (Nov. 7, 2010) about the crankset for the Randor….I have misc. used bike parts in my “inventory” and fortunately had one lying around. As far as advice for a rebuild, I personally am cheap and just use what I have lying around. I was in error when I said that Randor is English..I now believe it’s Taiwanese….a low end bike….anyway, rebuild your bike to your satisfaction! I rebuild bikes to sell to college kids mostly…..I enjoy bringing bikes back to life. All the best to you!