• http://www.thelastestate.com Rick Murray

    Any idea what year that model was produced? I just obtained a matching set of men’s and women’s Ultimas. They are completely factory original including the original leather spring ride seats. They are as about mint as could ever be but I know nothing about them.

    Believe it or not I literally pulled them out of the trash! They look like they had been in storage since new! Even the original handlebar pads are supple. No dry rot even on the original tires! The tubes even hold air! Not one speck of rust anywhere, just a lot of dust!

    I knocked on the door of the person who threw them away and they confirmed everything I suspected. They were actually surprised someone would want their “trash,” but they had no problem with me taking them!

  • Bryanbravo90

    where can i find an identical crank or what is thesize of this crank?