• http://www.wrn.com Bob H.

    The Mirage was near the bottom of the Motobecane line-but this is the sharpest one I’ve ever seen. Very nice!

    • http://oldtenspeedgallery.com The Ten-Speed Dreamer

      Notice the slick seat cluster and flush binder bolt. Doesn’t seem characteristic of a “low-end” frame.

  • Hugh

    One of the first bikes I ever refurbished was an older Black/Red Super Mirage. They are beautiful bikes. Yours is the first I have seen in all silver/grey. I am curious was yours built in France?

    • Jeff V

      I honestly don’t know where it was built. Did Motobecane outsource their frames in the ’80s? I can say it has superb welds and dropouts. But it also is a lower end model. However the paint is amazing. When I first got the bike, it had white paint speckles(overspray from the garage it was parked next to) all over it. It took hours of using polishing compound to remove them all – but I never wore through the original paint, and now it shines like new!

  • RickS

    Back in 73 when my wife and I were married, we purchased Silver Moto’s, Mirages in fact as wedding presents to each other. Her’s was a mixte frame, that we eventually converted to tourist bars. We spent many fine days riding along Chicago’s lake front and through the northwest forest preserves. Nice job on a nice ride.
    Wish we still had those bikes.

  • Matt K

    I just bought a nearly dentical mirage today that had been in storage since it was new. Orignal tires, still supple. Pumped up the tires, wiped it off and put about three miles on it with no problems. It has “made in France” decals, and since it looks so much like yours, I’m going to say yours is probably French, too.