• http://www.wrn.com Bob H.

    Very nice. Great headbadge & graphics.

  • Bob

    Very nice. I bought a three-speed Robin Hood for $1.00 – everytyhing works, rides well. I couldn’t resist the headbadge.

  • Mike

    I have the same bike I bought new in the late 1960’s that I still ride today. It came with a Wright saddle. It was a lower end 10 speed in it’s day.

  • Barb

    Wow, my Dad gave me a brand new dark red girl’s Robin Hood Racer in 1964 and it had a license plate for that year. Unfortunately he sold it with the cottage.

  • jason

    i like your bike i have the same exact one and i was looking up the bike to see if it was an antuiqe but im not sure if it is so i like your bike too

  • Matt

    i have one of these bikes i just payed 55 dollars for it when im done with the remodle im gonna sale it between 400 and 500 if i can i hope thats not to high of a price these bikes are very hard to find and mine is in pretty good shape no rust or anything chrome is like brand new