• http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    I`m thinking that might be a re-badged Huffy. I have seen that same crank on more than one Huffy. The (H) in the serial number almost confirms it. Like the (G) that Giant used at the front of their serial numbers in the mid 80`s. Referring to frames they built for Schwinn in the 1980`s. Anyway for 20.00 it looks pretty sweet.

  • older1

    Definitely one of the many proliferate rebadged Huffy/Murray/Columbia/Free Spirit/Ted Williams/ad infinitum viral clones of a couple of decades ago.
    Hey…wait a minute…those black brake levers…they look SO familiar…aren’t those the infamously-recalled plastic “death brake” lever design? PLEASE refer to:

    • Cameron

      I’m not sure older1, I think that by ’93 the Huffy ‘Road Bike’ would have been very near its swan song. The very un-roadie sounding model names listed seem to support that.

      • older1

        You’re right, Cameron, although, and at the risk of appearing somewhat over-cautious/skeptical/jaded/suspicious, even during the nearly-endless waning days of the “bike boom”, there was no way to tell how much outright dangerous leftover dodgy-department-store gaspipe stock was deceptively “distributed” and re-badged under dozens of lesser-known “manufacturers”, not to mention, the potentially hundreds of promotional-retail-branded “prize giveaway” bikes, “road” and later “mountain” types (I apologize for my wordy drivel; it’s a curse).
        Either way, I tend to err on the side of caution, and always recommend cpsc.gov searches when considering any purchase, especially of obsolete brands that haven’t survived.

  • Rochelle Griffey

    Have you had it appraised