• BeaterRezQ

    Jim G.,
    Hats off to you for a wonderful restoration!
    I must admit, you have that Moto looking nearly new. (and very original too)
    Your color-coordination is “artist like”and looks very balanced.
    As far as the Nashbar saddle, for some builds it’s very appropriate and $13 well spent–as in your Moto’s case. I’ve seen other bikes where it just didn’t look so hot. I’ve been asked on occasion why none of my bikes have a Brooks saddle (even given “grief” for using mattress saddles), the first answer that always comes to mind is “At the price I pay for one Brooks saddle, I can buy up to ten used bikes and have tons of fun restoring ’em.” To me it’s a no-brainer, and please Brooks saddle fans–I love ’em, very classy….maybe when I’m rich and famous, or at least moderately stable.(in more ways than one?)

  • Ryan Surface

    Jim G, Oooo La La!

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again..I love me some Motobecane. You have done a great job bringing this classy ride back to life and shiny awesomeness. I think the Nashbar Saddle looks great and have actually contemplated getting one myself at the $13 price point. I have to agree with BRQ, I love Brooks Saddles and own two, but the price of most Brooks saddles is more than I charge for a bike after I have restored it!

    Jim hope you ride the heck out of the GT this summer the locals will be loving it.

  • Trailerparkcyclist

    I’m with Ryan: Motobecane kicks ass! Especially this one, Jim! What a fine piece of work.

    Now, having said all that, I have a sad confession to make: Never have I been to Nashbar. I know! Don’t judge me, it is a shameful thing and I am sorry for it and I will go there now. I am going there and looking for one of those wheel-scraper-thingys. My Paypal account is up to twelve dollars (thanks Ryan!) and it is burning a hole in my virtual pockets.

    Wait…how much are those OTSG t-shirts?