• Hugh

    Hey Joe, Great bike! I had a Concord Freedom 12 aka Selecta 12. It was a great bike. I wish I had kept her.If it doesn`t workout I have a near mint Suburban (1980) for sale. I think it might be a few tons heavier that the Concord though.

    • Tim Mayhorn

      I have a LT. blue Concord Freedom 12 (Selecta 12) about 33″ standover(1980?), and a brown Freedom 10 with a 35″ standover(1974?). Anyone interested in one or both. Both are nice riders. I got the Freedom 10 from the orignal owner last week and he road it to work until last year. I road it today. The Freedom 12 has new 27X1&1/8″ tires and tubes and new white cork bar tape. Both Japanese steel lugged frames with Shimano componets.

      • http://oldtenspeedgallery.com The Ten-Speed Dreamer

        Hi Tim,
        Sounds good. Post these details and some pics in the Emporium. It’s free.

  • http://OTSG Dave M

    You can’t go wrong with an old Concord. I gave a 1970 something Concord Mixte to my 80+ year old riding buddy . He rode over a thousand miles last year, most of them on the Concord. According to Pfaff the only things left after the apocalypse will be cockroaches and steel Schwinns. There may be a surviving Concord or two also.

  • http://doohickie.blogspot.com Doohickie

    That’s a great looking commuter. I just picked up a Varsity that I plan on putting upright bars on, going for that kind of bike. (I submitted it to OTSG in it’s original form… look for it soon.)

  • austin

    how much do you think that bike is worth annd do you know the year i just got the same exact one from my grandpa and i fixed it up but he’s wanting to know the value