• Joe B.

    Cameron… Thanks so much for posting this on Memorial Day. It’s my small tribute to those who gave all. I salute you. 🙂

  • http://www.wrn.com Bob H.

    You know, say what you will about steel rims – weight, non-existent wet braking – the suckers are just about bomb proof. Nice Varisty!

  • http://hubnride.blogspot.com/ hub ‘n ride

    I’m looking a brake lever like yours…
    i should try flea market

    nice bike

  • Doug W.

    Nice Varsity. Thanks for the Schwinn catalog link. I’ve determined the Collegiate frame I found in a trash pile is an ’84 (also mfg by Giant). I’m working up a single speed now (since there were no wheels or deraillers or necessary details).

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    Does it have the FF system crank? I never realized that Schwinn did a lugged frame Varsity. And if it has the FF system. That would probably make it the most unique (and maybe someday the rarest)of all the Varsitys. Very interesting bike you have there 🙂

    • Joe B.

      Yep…FF system crank. The owner of my LBS just shook his head in disbelief. He called it one of the worst systems ever. Then he really flipped when I told him a kid drove almost 100 miles to buy it. I don’t keep them – I just refurbish & resell them. Back problems – I can’t ride that style bike without real pain. Need a hybrid.

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    The last one of those (bike with FF) I restored. The only thing that I didn`t remove was the rear derailleur and the hard-wire shift cable. I`ll give one one guess what snapped? Fortunately the new owner was able to locate a correct replacement wire/cable. The repair was simple. My biggest fear was that we would not be able to locate the correct replacement cable. Thank God for E-Bay

  • older1

    Thanks for your service to America, Joe!

    Good thing you didn’t lean a Louisville Slugger against it, lay a well-worn glove holding a baseball below it next to a pair of old Converse high-tops, or we’d probably go into patriotic nostalgia overload!

  • Brian Mullin ‘White Horsy’

    I am looking for a 1986-Schwinn Varsity Deluxe, with Positronic/Integer Shifter/Gearing. Is this for Sale? Thank You. Brian E. Mullin, in SW-IA e-mail: mullgrafcomm@hotmail.com