• BeaterRezQ

    Nice bike Joel, my motto is “make it your own then ride the crap out of it!”
    Did I read that right, Cyclestar means Sears in Japanese….oops, my bad.
    Cyclestar, CyclePro–I wonder if those two brands are related?
    If so, Nishiki is like the big brother of the family.
    Hmmmm? (my head hurts…must go lay down)

  • Trailer Park Cyclist

    Does anybody have any idea how many brands of “ten speed” were produced in The Day? (say, 1972-1982). Or has there ever been any product with so many brands produced by a handful of manufacturers of parts and frames? It boggles the mind. No wonder RezQ has a headache. What a phenomenon.

    Whatever the case…Ride On, Joel! You are a Cycle Star!.

  • Joel

    I heard on the forums that there were “thousands” of brands back then. A variety of companies would make the bikes, & paint/decal them anyway you wanted. Seems at one point, every department store, gas station, tire shop, hardware store, & lawn mower repair shop had their “own” brand bicycle.

    • BeaterRezQ

      I got it man! First, you–to use an old bmx term–“debadge” the bike.
      Debadge: to strip bike of any head badge, frame material stickers, decals, etc.
      Then you proceed to cover your clean, virgin frame with any sticker, decal, monogram that suits your fancy.
      (like you so aptly applied to head tube of said CYCLESTAR)
      And finally, you call it your own and ride the crap out of it.
      Is this legal?