• Joe B.

    Thanks Cameron! After about a 5-6 mile test ride, I posted it on craigslist for $50. It sold in under two hours.

  • Bob H

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Wards ten speed! Really cool. Japanese made, perhaps?

  • Joe B.

    IF I remember correctly – made in Korea. That’s a big IF. I suffer from CRS.

  • Aletta

    Great looking bike

  • Jesse

    Just found one of these in great condition at the local dump. There’s a “Made in Taiwan” sticker on the front FWIW.

  • Chris

    Yeah, thats a nice bike….I found a Montgomery Ward 10 speed at the dump. Tweaked on it a couple of days and its works great. Mine is made in Austria.

  • Armani Rivera

    ive been looking for one of these MW bikes forever.. i was too young to ride my dads and now im all about older road bikes.. please contact me if you have one! armanigcrr@gmail.com

    • dwayne kammeyer

      Ihave an old ten speed Purple 27 inch Montgomery Ward ist in perfect running condition. Make Me an offer????

  • samuel

    I have the same one but it is a women’s ten speed

  • Brian W

    I have on of these in blue that some one gave me. I had to change the back derailer but other then that its a great bike.

  • Janis

    My mom has had one of these for the longest in our old raggedy garage! Beige/cream colored woman’s 10 speed. Made in Taiwan. I’m thinking about getting it refurbished before I go off to college. I feel like I’m part of some kind of cool vintage bike club now!

  • http://www.thelastestate.com Rick Murray

    I am in the middle of rebuilding a pearl black Open Road. I should have it done tomorrow. The thing is absolutely beautiful with only a couple minor dings in the paint. The chrome shines like brand new.

    Mine was built in Korea. I has no rust on it and one of the original Golden Boy gum-wall tires is still in great shape but the other has a split on the side. Anyone know where I can find one?

    I will try to post pictures when it is done.

    BTW, mine has a chrome upright handlebar as opposed to the drops. The shifters are also mounted on the handlebars. I was told it was bought this way in 1976 or 1977, but every other one I have seen has drops and down tube shifters. Any “experts” around that could tell me if they came this way?

    From my experience, about all of the department store brands were made by other companies as none every manufactured anything. This is especially true of Sears and Montgomery Ward. I was told that the Open Road was made by Schwinn contractors but I cannot verify this as yet. I do know that Schwinn made several bikes for Sears. In fact, I have a couple waiting their turn to be restored!

  • John B

    Just dumpster dived an 70s M Wards 10 speed, states made in Austria, simplex components. Anyone know the manufacturer? 10 minutes and it’s already had a creaky but successful (all gears) ride through the neighborhood.

    • John E

      Steyr-Daimler-Puch of Graz, Austria.

  • Kimber

    I just found a 10 speed Women’s MW Bike in Excellent condition with shemano parts that looks almost exactly like “The Dude.” Is this an unusual find???

  • http://www.thelastestate.com Rick Murray

    I have some pictures of mine all fixed up. I just need the time to post them.

    I am also fixing several other old ten speeds including a 19754 Peugeot and several Schwinn’s!

    Does anyone know what years the Open Road was produced? Some real history on this bike would be very helpful, especially as I am going to be selling the bikes I am restoring. Including the three dozen ten speeds I have over 200 other bikes in various stages of restoration.

    I am also teaching local kids about building and restoring bikes. Mostly they are into BMX which are actually very simple to build since most are single speed

  • mike foster

    i have a womens three wheel three speed .montgomery wards on the goosee neck open road on the chain guard.serial#hc9006401. can anyone give me any info on this

  • traci mcdaniel

    I have just purchased a MW’S open Road three speed.it’s a women’s three speed.i have not seen one before.i paid five dollars for it.please let me know a little info.it’s in good shape.i can send pics if needed.

  • Robert


  • CollieGirl

    I got one off of craigslist for $90. I think I paid too much, but it’s a cool red-orange and is the coolest bike. It works really well, but the cables need to be replaced.

  • Mark A Jackson

    Could this be a Montgomery ward open road all original even the tires……what is it worth today I wonder because I just cleaned out a basement full of old school swinns huffys , and Puget bikes all original and prestine condition

  • Dennis Robinson

    I have these two bicycles a lawn customer gave me. She wanted them out of her house.
    upon 1st being questioned about removing them, I replied that I never really got into the haul off scene. Every lawn service operator has different ideas, and none are really wrong as long as they make money. But what works for one guy, may not for the next guy.
    She pushed back with determination to rid herself of these bikes. I gave in, not seeing much harm in removing 2 bicycles. After all, worst comes to worst, a Salvation Army donation tax write off was on the way home n would cost me about 5-7 minutes of my somewhat ordane boring life anyway. So why not.
    Proceeding to the back yard, we enter what real estate ads refer to as the “John Deere room”. (Why we call some things what we do, I’ll never …..anyway,uuuugggh.)
    I noticed there was a/c in there and it felt like an oasis in the hot Midwest summer.
    Arriving home and inspecting these jewels of days long gone, what originally seemed to be a waste of money, started to become portrayed as absolutely priceless. The ffa/c in that storage area, priceless. And for these two never ridden 1976 bicycles, well some products leave the store on a lucky journey into the test of time. And these bicycles did just that.
    They are flawless. Never ridden, original tires. Perfect tread. Cables, shift levers, brake handles all work as brand new, I mean brand new, like your are right there in 1976.
    Stickers all perfect, the 70’s screaming at your eyes in the light reflection is absolutely so epic, your mind starts to grab ahold of the turn down exhaust note of a fresh 6.6 liter GM big block. Awaiting the arrival of the epic screaming eagle outlined hood, shaking air cleaner eye candy madness/ up pulls in the neighbors dented up dirty window 2003 cobalt.

    Anybody want these things? They are perfect.
    1976 Mg open road 10 speed gold in color. Perfect
    Women’s Hawthorne 3 speed blue in color. Perfect/ but rear tube leaks. My fault when i went to fill it.