• BeaterRezQ

    That bike is all that I am or wanting to be; odd, vintage and one-of-a-kind.
    Sears hit a home run with that Ted Williams Sports Racer.
    The added “hammered fenders” are a great addition to such a nice classic.
    Please don’t underestimate your common bike thief–keep it safely under lock and key.

  • Ryan Surface

    Pretty sweet for a Dept. Store ride

  • Motiheal

    In one Sears catalog, they offered a really high-end race bike, I think with Campy.

    • BeaterRezQ

      Sears and Campy just don’t seem synonymous…shows how much I know!
      Folks seriously should consider (when ragging about this or that brand being El Cheapo) that most bike manufacturer’s had a signature series, including Huffy, Ross, Sears, etc.

  • John G

    Note on this bike…I did not replace the wheels…just the spokes. This is the really high end race bike with Campagnolo Record derailleurs, Normandy hubs, Weinmann Aluminum rims, Nervar cottered cranks, Ideale seat, Weinmann center pull brakes/gold levers. This is actually a Steyr or Puch made in Austria bike with a Sear’s headbadge.

  • At262nd

    Just to let the community know that I am getting this bike ready to sell if there are any interested parties. John
    My email starts with at.

  • Duane

    I have a sears sport racer. Color is gold. SN 503 47 340. Racing alloy frame. Gear ratio range. Please respond.