• BeaterRezQ

    Now there’s a man after my own heart!
    Finds himself an odd-one-of-a-kind-old bike, customizes his rig with his own personal bomb-proof bike trunk (no pun intended), doesn’t worry too much about the “right” brand, frame material, build of components….weight. And then, commences to ride the crap out of it, 7 days a week.
    My Man!
    “…biking should be fun!”

  • Ryan Surface

    Love the Ammo box “trunk bag” ! and the “boomerang” kickstand stabilizer plate is pretty awesome too.

  • Jimbo

    Supposedly, “E.J. Korvettes” doesn’t stand for “eight Jewish Korean Vets” … I read that somewhere, but you have to really wonder. It was somewhat like a blend of Caldors, Kohl’s, Sears, etc. They probably went out of business about 30 years ago. They also had Power King lawn mowers and other privately labeled items. I remember the one on the Post Road Near the Bronx, NY border. We also used to head up to the one on the Post Road (U.S. 1) in Port Chester, NY. A Kohl’s is now in the Port Chester location. Not sure what’s in the other location. I had a Power King 3-speed knock-off English Racer as a kid. Probably cost about $29 in 1969. My mom had a woman’s version that went for about $25 in 1968. Mine had a Shimano stick shift on the top tube.

  • Motiheal

    I remember Korvettes well. We had one in Bayshore NY, and my entire family would go there. I would head downstairs to look at the bicycle section. They had many Power Kings; while yours is a 26 inch wheel, they also had 27 inch wheel ones, sort of an electric powder blue, with lugged frames. I remember comparing these to the bike I eventually bought at a local bike shop, a Peugeot UO8. The blue Power Kings had steel rims, and were beautiful. Good luck with yours!

  • Justin

    I recently purchased a Power King myself in Queens, NY. The guy said he acquired it from someone in Long Island. Mine also has considerable rust and the sidewalls of the tires are coming off, but I’m still going to use the tires for now =). Mine, however, is white, and came with a carrying rack on the back. For some reason, the fact that I saw it was made in Korea (and it’s also grained on the some parts that it’s made in Japan) made me feel it was a good buy; no luck in finding the bike in a dumpster though, hehe. 90 bucks out the pocket. Good buy?