• http://OTSG Dave M

    My good friend and riding partner put over 1000 miles on his Concord Mixte last year.that in itself is no great accomplishment,but he will turn 83 years old next week. keep riding that bike John.

  • Hugh

    I may be wrong here but I think a mixte is a unisex bike. I read somewhere that the name mixte is derived from a french word
    that basically means unisex. But the idea of a unisex bike never really caught on here in the US. So my friend you are a renaissance man! Ride Safe, Hugh

  • Bob H

    I thought mixte referred to the mix of different frame tube diameters? But yeah, these bikes are for either sex. I’ve got a pair of those cool Fuji branded cranks, too!

  • Hugh

    Bob.This is what I found when I googled it. But actually I think your definition makes more sense.
    “A direct appropriation of the French word meaning
    > “mixed” or “unisex”, “mixte”
    > is pronounced “MEExt”, although the standard North
    > American bicycle industry pronunciation is
    > “MIX-ty”. Both pronunciations are widely used.”

  • http://doohickie.blogspot.com Doohickie

    Nice bike! If you want to find out more information about it, click here (1981 Fuji catalog).

    I actually rescued a 1981 Fuji Royale mixte from the trash in front of someone’s house this afternoon. It’s the next one up the Fuji food chain in 1981. I’ll be fixing it up and submitting it to the gallery, but you can see a teaser here.

    Mixte literally means “mixed” but is used for “unisex” in French… at least I read that somewhere on the internet so it must be true. Right?

  • herr_rudolf

    Beatiful bike! I stumbled across this post while doing a small research on my Avanti Mix. It’s history; the brand Avanti, as well as the word Mix and Mixte. I’m trying to rebuild my barnfind and add my own flavor to it. See:


    Any info will be appreciated.