• Angel

    I love this bike!!! wow does it take me back
    congrats its beautifull!!!

  • Marla Black

    I was searching to see how much these bikes are worth, because I want to seel them. I have two of these. Haven’t been rode since very early 80’s. Not many miles on them. Anyone interested or know of anyone? please help! You will have to pay for shipping. My location: Bakesfield, California

  • funkyjohnhuie

    WOW. this is so great!

    i JUST bought this bike for $20 at a garage sale, and i totally want to do this bike up!

    how do I clean the little rust spots and shine it up like the one above?

    also, some of the painted spots have nicks in them, any suggestions for those?

    i’m very excited about my “new” bike!