• firenbones

    The lack of brake hoods, the huge stem-mounted shifters and the “Schwinn-approved” style saddle all suggest a mid-1970s bike. The sidepulls and the lack of pie plate might put it a little later. I would guess it has to date from 1980 or before.

    • eeleiw

      I have a FS12 bike that was given to me by my neighbor. I have ridden the bike my entire childhood and still use it for college. It’s kind of been out in the sun and have slight rust spots. But still in pretty good riding condition 😀

  • John

    This FS-10 has a new home. After riding it for a few months, I advertised it on Craig’s list and sold it in 24 hours. The new owner had one like it many years ago and wanted it to ride between buildings on the business campus where he works. After he rode it he remarked “it feels like an old friend.” It is a good feeling to recycle a bike and find it a new home. He got a bargain too as I just wanted to break even expense-wise.

    • chris

      i saw that you soled the bike on craigslist how much did you sell it for

  • Michael

    I have this exact model which I modified with Schwinn Racing parts many, many year ago. I still have her. She is in mint condition and still looks brand new. I love my bike and have no intentions of ever getting rid of her. Bikes are not tyically collectible items. But mine is for me. My mom bought her for me when I was 16 years old in 1983, over 26 years ago. So, The bike shown in the picture is most likely a 1981 model. Very nice looking bike!

  • Jim DeHoyos

    On 2-21-10 a neighbor put his Free Spirit FS10 for the trash truck to take away. Its red, has some surface rust on the chrome. The tires are not dry rotted. How much should I spend to get it in running condition. I work for a powder coating company and I’m thinking about powder coating the chrome parts silver. Any advice is appreciated

  • CapaOsterman

    Is this a good bike? im bought this same bike today and im going to pick it up tomorrow,
    its gonna be my first road bike ever,
    so excited.

    • Jaime Acosta

      Hi, yes, if they’re in good shape, they make for decent road bikes just a little on the heavy side, keep yours well tuned up and it will make you happy.

  • Eric

    Hi I just picked up this exact bike. Anyone that has worked on these would you know the seatpost size the original is missing and i have a spare 27.2 and I know its not that. I tried measuring but knowing for sure before hand would help. Thanks

  • Travisedmonds21

    i was wondering 1 does anybody no exactly how old this bike i have same type everything is identical to it except i don’t have the thing over back rim and mine needs a paint job.

  • Sk1nnyp3t3

    I have a similar free spirit. Check the rear side of the breaks and you can find a date. Mine had Raleigh brakes stamped with a 77 and rims had a 78 on it.

  • Kris Tañedo Lazo