• DJ

    Hey John,

    I have a Spartan 10 speed too! Bought off Craig’s list in Brooklyn, NY. From your photos it looks like it has the original pedals, and the left one has fallen apart. Any ide whether it’s a 1/2″ or 9/16″ thread?

  • http://ytodoapedal.blogspot.com Carlos Garcia Granthon

    Hi, I have just found, this morning, a “Spartan” road bike (Male, 10 speeds, 27″ rims, 23″ frame size) in a yard,(here in Lima, Peru) Y bought it for US$ 3.00 needs so much job to ride again but… however I like restoring bikes. I know it is not a “state of the art bike”, anyway I have never hear about this brand before so; kindly, if someone have some info, catalogue or something that can help me in anyway to restore it… i will thank you so much



  • Allan

    I had a spartain bicycle years ago (circa 1985)the bike was great for about 2months then every posible part lossened up. I was young, so not much of a mechanic. The bike was fun after i was able to tighten the bolt on crank with a hammer. To keep the bike working good, i would not ride it as it WILL falll apart.. Thanks for the pic, and giving me old memories back…..

  • Dave

    Hi John, are you interested in selling it? Please email me. Thanks…. Dave

  • stevedodge833

    I came across an unusual Spartan 10-speed, all steel components (no aluminum). The frame and fork were black, but all the bare-metal parts that would normally be chromed had a polished gold-like finish….stem, bars, brake levers, seatpost, cranks, derailleur, hardware, decals…even the freewheel cluster was gold-colored with a black metal chainguard ring.

    Unfortunately it was severely weathered, with all parts rusted and much of the gold finish lost. I sanded and repainted the lugged-steel frame and turned it into a white single-speed with upgraded components, and now it rides better than it did brand new. I still have the original parts, but they are pretty rough-looking.