• Black_Pearl

    How do you remove the rust from the brake springs and other parts in doing a restore?

    • John

      First thing you have to do is totally take everything apart. SOS pads and brass/steel toothbrushes work really good on steel parts. Sometimes you have to apply a little naval jelly. Then you polish everything with “Never dull” and auto wax and you end up with a beautiful old ten speed.

  • Candis

    Hey there,

    I just picked up the same bike, in the same condition, maybe worse? The bike has obviously been riden hard at one point, and a previous owner even attempted adding a gear that is not currently in use when im riding. its got so much potential, you are dead on about that.
    mine still needs a ton of grease and rust to be removed. your tips have me really excited again about completing the project.
    the only thing i dont like about the bike is the seat!

    thanks for the tips

  • http://http//NumisTopTeam.com Robert Garcia

    I’ve recently gotten into restoring old vintage bikes and was wondering what is the best way to remove the rust on the pedals since it’s hard to get into the small areas


    Robert Garcia

  • Edhy_0465

    do you have calculation in the design bike…