• Alex K

    How is it 15 speed?

  • Gordus

    I remember Matthews Stereo: “Top of the hill, Daly City”, the owner and pitchman, Steven Matthew David, spammed the SF bay area radio airwaves for years with constant chatter about “BUY THE STEREO/TV/REFRIGERATOR, GET A BIKE!!” I always assumed these were utter junk bikes, but to my amazement, I still see them around, so they are durable at least, and judging from these photos, the parts look respectable. Or maybe it just shows how far my standards have fallen and I now consider any bike useful in a utilitarian sense?

  • Johnson C.

    woohoo, my frienze finally shows up on the site!

    @alex k: I took out the original triple ring cotter crank and put in the double crank. Originally it was set up as [3 in the front] x [5 in the back] = 15 speed.

    @Gordus: thats great that you remembered the advert, I don’t recall it. When was it on the radio, in the 80s/90s? (I might be too young to remember hearing it). Yeah I read online about how crappy the bike is. It has all chinese name on all the parts, but it has not failed me in all the times I rode it.

  • Cameron

    I just saw a Firenze GL5000 in Lincoln Park, Chicago. How’d make it all the way here? I would have taken a picture, but alas, I was driving. Probably not a good idea.:)

  • firenbones

    Much more info on the Firenze brand from the 1980s:


  • laverack

    The location for the “shoot” really classes up the joint. Nice ride!

  • Rick

    I’m a vintage bicycle mechanic and I just finished working on a GL 5000, and I find the reviews very one sided. Mine has a chromoly lugged frame. Decent centerpull brakes.15 speeds 3 in front .5 in back.Decent derailleurs. Off brand but as good if not better than some I’ve seen.
    I found this in northern Indiana in very good condition,and all original. It shifts and brakes better than some of the newer rides out there.

  • Evan West

    i have one, how much is it worth? its in great condition

  • Robert

    I just picked up a Firenze MT 505 at a used bike shop in Fort Collins, Colo.
    My Trek was stolen and I needed a quick alternative. The ride is much quieter than a wal-mart Huffy-type bike, and the old-school derailleurs are kind of fun.
    Knowing I wouldn’t be picking up a slick new Cannondale, I picked my bike on style– and this one’s got more character than most I’ve seen. Here’s to Taiwanese cycles with Italian names!