• Dan


    • Joseph B.

      Thanks Dan. It took a lot of work. The front wheel couldn’t be repaired & had to be replaced.

  • Patrick

    Jospeh…question for you…I have a 1974 Varsity (I think it’s a 74)…and often when I shift gears it will pop out of gear and go back to my original gear…do you have this problem? Any suggestions? New chain? New derailer?

    Thanks 🙂

  • Joe B.

    Patrick… Sounds like a simple adjustment to either the front or rear derailleur, whichever is the problem. If it’s the rear, the cable may be too lose also. Got a good bike shop close by? Plenty of “how to’s” on the Internet…


  • Dave

    WOW!!! that is a Gorgeous bike! I am in the process of rebuilding a 79′ Continental. However, I will use upgraded components (still keeping the friction shift) Your bike is a wonderful inspiration! Thank You

  • Dave Morris

    Where did you get the cool rear cargo rack?