• Gary

    Looks tremendous–one of the nicest cranks I’ve seen. Did you paint the down tube and top tube? Was this for cosmetic reasons? I’ve done this on a frame and then used auto pinstriping decals to decorate the ends.

  • Julie s

    Thanks-yes, there were cosmetic issues in those areas (rear stays as well) and could not find a green paint to match. Good idea on pinstripe!

  • older1

    Outstanding and beautiful job, Julie! Excellent!

    No need to apologize for the colors, either. The enhanced shades of green a sure to provide a valuable high-visibility effect in traffic and in any weather.

    The older I get, I especially appreciate that kind of crankset gearing, too!

  • Mark D

    Love the chain routing in the before photo of the rear derailer!

    The front crank looks like a triple minus the middle chainring. Very cool. Is that a SunTour Cyclone on it?

  • Julie s

    Chain rings are 46/41/26 (Shh, dont tell Cameron)
    Rear is 14-15-18-22-27. Range of 86.7 to 25.4-I’ll bet I could climb a tree with it. Cyclone GT. May go upright bars. (getting old for drops)
    The green is a popper for sure-got a point there about traffic.