• mark lapakko

    That’s a nice bike Julie. Quality dropouts, looks like Weinmann racing brake levers. Supposed to be nice light frames. I’ve had a bunch of Nishikis but never a Professional. 19 or 21 inch frame? Early 80s or late 70s? No braze ons so that’s my guess. Nice find!

    • julie s.

      Early 70’s. Brazed on cable guide on the bb with a stop on the seat tube for fdr and a stop brazed on the stay for the rd. 21″ square size frame. Found some real nice 27×1″ wheels, and 1″ panaracer pasela tan wall tires. Looking better every day. 🙂

  • mark lapakko

    Oops. I see you think it’s early 70s. I thought early Nishikis were marketed as American Eagle? I see it originally had centerpulls and maybe downtube shifts. Nice lugs! I used to love the racing clusters but due to advancing age now I require more range in my gearing. Whatever, a darn nice bike. I’m jealous. Send it to Minneapolis. I’d like to take it for a spin.

    • Julie s

      Thanks Mark. It is a 72 (dated from the crank and oddball seial# not fitting with the percieved “S” distinction. Spec’d with the barcons (which I have since traded out for dt’s) Traded them off for a headbage! I think it is the first year of prod-by the silk fork. 21″ Brake releases and adj in the handles. Also threw a set if universal 61 cp’s on it to utilize the kool built in brake bridge. Looking for a more period correct wheelset presently/but no sewups. Feel lucky to have found it. Now in competition with my fav italvega build. 🙂

  • stephen

    Sweet Nishiki Julie. I’m hoping to get this same bike from a friend soon. Stephen

  • Common_Sence

    I missed buying one is this same color in 1972 because the shop only had a 23 in. Ended up buying a Semi-pro because it had a 25 in frame. Beautiful color.

  • Vern

    Julie, My best friend, who taught me to cycle, died a year ago. Yesterday I was given his Nishiki Professional bicycle that look exactly like the green one pictured above. The paint is chipped in several places. Now I am wondering what are my options for this bicycle. I am sure it is from 1972, or thereabouts. Thanks.