• phil11764

    One word: WOW! **drooling on my keyboard**

  • Ryan

    A time capsule find glad it fell into the hands of some who would appreciate it. The details are just great; racks, tool kit etc. Thanks for sharing.

  • Old Man

    What a gem. A find like that doesn’t come along every day. Thanks for sharing.

  • BeaterRezQ

    K Fil, Wow..wow..woW!
    That there is exactly what drives me to a “Search and RezQ” attitude. What a find, and at the local Goodwill. Not only NOS but decked out with all the bells and whistles. Your sense of timing is magical, you lucky dog!
    If we ever get back to OTSOTM, you surely have my vote.

  • billnuke1

    Just “Holy Crap”!. Did’ja try to talk them down to $75.00!

  • john h


  • Keith Mackenzie

    Had one of those, lots of memories there – was stripped while in school by the jealous kids where I grew up