• BeaterRezQ

    Karla M. (Mixte?),
    Fine lookin’ Uni mixte you got there! Glad to hear that it’s meeting your needs as a reliable and comfortable commuter, I’m sure the added leather saddle has plenty to do with it.
    I purchased this Uni mixte a while back only with the intentions of parting it out, even though it was–with a few repairs–quite near to being road worthy and safe. Hope the pictures help with determining the model/age.
    made in Japan: viva sport/1985~88
    **also 27” alloy wheels can be purchased at finer bike shops across America–you can start at Amazon.com

  • Karla M.

    I’m Karla M! Excited that my bike made it into the gallery. In response to BeaterRezQ: I’m glad to hear I can find wheels for it. The guy that sold it to me gave me all the info on it, and someone later told me they don’t make the wheels for it anymore which kinda bummed me out, you know if I ruin the wheels or something.

    Andddddd your Viva sport looks rad btw! I like 80’s bikes, they look modern, but not too modern. I really don’t like the specialized super fast ones, I think they lost a lot in aesthetic for the sake of speed. But, to each their own.

    • BeaterRezQ

      Karla, I am in total agreement with you on liking the 80’s bikes. They are modern enough to be light (crmo frames), hardly any still have cottered cranks, the components can be very good and well made, and the better bikes have alloy parts…and of course the ride!

  • Ronnie Davey

    So I decided to take the univega and chop it out but I have one thing to ask doe ssd’s it look stupid