• Bill

    I have an old vintage Fuji Sport 10 was worth. Bought it new 1976 / 77.
    It’s red, in good to very good condition (not excellant).
    Does anyone know it’s approximate worth???
    It’s all orginal except for seat. Original tires but still very rideable. Big frame, dual brake handles, etc. I am the original owner. Bike has always been garaged. I did some research myself, but did not get any specific results other than current owner blogs. I need the room for other 3 bikes and want to sell it – – – maybe.
    If you have any info on what it’s worth, I would appreciate it very much…..
    Thanks!!! Bill A

  • Mike

    I just bought a red 77 sports 10 for 100 bucks.. I loved it too much to pass on the deal. I have seen the frames alone selling for $75 on ebay.

  • http://mrcoles.com/ MrColes

    It’s a fun bike! My friend’s old roommate left one behind and I became the new owner. It’s just like this one, only the pedals look slightly different and there’s a little more rust 🙂 Do you, by chance, know the seatpost size? I brought the old post into a bike shop, and the guy measured it, then gave me a 25.4 post, but it was too loose. I could just try the next size up that they have, but figured I’d poke around online first.