• mark lapakko

    How come I never find these?dec I want a vintage Jeunet or Mercier in 48cm. Nice bike.

  • older1

    That’s a nice OTS, Kevin; it looks great!
    Excellent fender-coverage, and the basket provides a convenient light mount, too.
    Also, I always like how aero levers clean up the front end of any OTS.
    Funny how enjoyably competant keepers begin as previously ignored orphans!

  • Mark

    I LOVE this bike! I WANT this bike!

  • Mike

    First time I ever seen a ‘Jeunet’
    what year do you think it was built ?
    1960s, 70s ? -looks great

    • Kevin M

      I think it was made in the early 70s

  • Gene G.

    Hi Kev,

    Came across your site by accident as I was looking to see if I could turn my ’73 vintage Jeunet Comte into a “fat tire” bike. I am the original owner and now at 62 years of age am looking more for comfort, hence the “fat tires”. It looks loke your bike might be the metallic orange color that mine is. However mine never had fenders or a basket. It is a nice looking bike and I had over the years thought about just getting rid of it but reading the nice comments by people I guess maybe I will just hang on to it, till I go to the velodrome in the sky. We have nice trails south of Chicago and perhaps the “fat tires” are not necessary after all.

    Gene G.