• Bernard

    Hi Kevin,
    I am not a Motobecane expert, but I know that if you post the same question on the Classic & Vintage section of bikeforums.net you have a good change to find out what year it was build.
    Good luck!

  • Julie s

    Nice color-should clean up nicely. Frame numbers can be hard to decipher-there is a TREK site that has component codes that you can search. I often find a year stamped on the stem/seatpost or on the back of the calipers. Just by looking at it-I’d guess 80’s (esp if rear has 6 cogs) Crank is not cottered, but could have been an upgrade. Nice bike.

  • Steve P

    That one is going to be mid 70’s judging by the decals, I built one for my wife over the summer and it’s a really nice little bike.

    Nice find!

  • Mark D

    Great color! If you can’t date the frame or model, try looking for date codes on any of the components (brakes, derailers, etc.) you think are original (most of them would be my guess). For example, brakes often have a month/year on them. You can find a lot of info on the web, too. Have fun.

  • jeremy

    Hey Kevin, there should be a date stamped on the very top of the seat tube.. that’s how i figured out my garage find ’75 nomade..

  • Mike

    I have a Nomade purchased new in 76 or 77 that looks very much like your bike. Mine came with Huret derailleur and shifter which I changed to Suntour like is on your bike. Probably a popular upgrade as 10 to 15 dollars made for a much nicer shifting bike. Motobecane used both but the Huret was usually on the cheaper bikes like the Nomade. My wife has Mirage mixte that was leftover from the previous year and it has a cottered crank so maybe that is a clue.

  • BJK

    I am not certain about the ’75’ designation at the seat tube top as the year of manufacture.
    The stamped no on the underside of the bottom bracket has no year designation.
    I restored a 1983 Moto Mirage, found with all original equipment. Hubs and rims were Weinmann.
    In the middle of both hubs, in small type and a relatively weak stamp, are two numbers.
    In my case: ’83’.
    I have a Raleigh Supercourse purchased in 1981 with the same type of hubs. The number noted: ’81’.
    If you are still in possession of the original rims, and they are Weinmann, this would clinch the date of manufacture.

  • Tom Sea

    It looks post the cottered crank era for the Nomades, that’s something. Some Nomades like mine are stamped all over, dropouts, bottom of the BB where mine reads ’74 so I gather that is the year of mine.