• Peter D.

    This bike reminds me so much of Huffy Santa Fe 1-=2peed that I have in queue to restore. Same color pattern and same parts eg. the seat.

  • older1

    Wow, Darren, undesirable or not, it’s great to see an AMF OTS in rare completely rust-free mint condition!
    It should bring back lots of poignant memories of suburban-raised American readers!

    Not to detract from your enjoyment, but I can’t remember how many of these, and it’s cloned gaspipe department-store cousins (commonly labelled Murray, Huffy, Columbia, Sears, etc.), I’ve picked out of the trash in feeble attempts to refurbish them into functional/reliable bicycles.
    Ultimately, the sheer volume of wobbly steel rims, siezed cables, worn/loose bearing cups/cones, crimped-end dropouts, stamped-steel chromed brake calipers/levers, bent axles, and overall rust, proved too much for me to tolerate.
    The only saving grace: it was bikes like these that taught me what to look for in genuine quality bikes, and for that alone I continue to be grateful!

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  • RR

    I had an amf cherokee when I was a teen. I was amazed at the condition. Then I read it just came out of the box. I rem when mine came out of the box. I can not tell you the year but my best guess is around 77-79.used to use this bike to ride me to the arcades.mine was purchased at scott afb, il and my best friend had an amf scorcher.it rarely failed me mechanical-wise and would ride it out many miles out of town.my rear tire was wobbly from the get-go but fixed it with a spoke tightener.

  • Chrischrissolis

    Wow I’m Chris Solis from Chelsea.ma and I have the same bike I don’t have the speedometer on it but it has everything else original the way it came I’m trying to sell it if interested call at 857 312 2227 highest offer gets it lowest 100.00