• Andy Gallegos

    Hey there. I seen your bike. My father actually has a 1971 Royce Union. Run’s like a champ. I am gettin into biking and wanted a new road bike as any other person would. I figured why not go with the vintage. Do you still have yours??

  • Pat

    I have a white Royce Union Sutton Supreme 10 speed that my brother gave me as a used bike in great shape probably late 70’s or early 80’s. I moved to the country and a gravel road not long after I got it, and it sat in my shed for 23 years until just a few weeks ago. Some new tires, a little gear lubricant and a wipe down, and it runs like a champ! Some pitting on the chrome, but the paint and original decals are all in place. The local bike shop told me the bike itself wasn’t particularly expensive (it says “Made in Japan” on the bike), but the gears (SunTour) were were considered the gold standard of the time period.

  • chris johnson

    I grew up w/R.U. I bought one around july 76 and went on many road trips(20mls).I gave it to a frend in 1979.Rick kept this untill he died in 2007.He had used it so much and I remember him striping it down and painting it about 3 dif times.He treated that bike better than his cars.I thout he looked funny on it because he was 6’2″.I was 5’6″ when I purchased it.Do you remember the Harly Davidson sportster 1000 w/a small frame?It was not made for a tall person.I am 50 and now looking for a bike and R.U. is what I am looking into.