• Matt K

    Treat machine sounds like it could be some kind of hybrid 10-speed/pez dispensor. Delicious.

  • Mark D

    The year you might figure out by looking for dates on the components, but ’80s sounds about right. As for model name, I think Treat Machine might be it, which I love for the same dadaistic reason I like Hello Kitty. (Cameron, I think OTSG is a treat machine.) I also love the full-length red cable housings! Thx.

  • http://www.wrn.com Bob H.

    The little red decals on the top tube look very similar to the Dairy Queen logo. DQ serves delicious ice cream “treats.” I wonder if this bike was some sort of DQ promotional item?

    • zach m

      thats exactly what i was just thinking

  • Dobry

    I read somewhere that the way to decode the year on a Huffy is to check the serial on a head tube. it starts with HC for huffy corporation next there is a digit that coresponds to the last digit of the year the bike was made. we know yours is 80’s that digit after HC will tel you whether it is 85 or 87

  • Steve

    Your in luck. I owned that very same bike in the early 80s. My sister won it from Dairy Queen, it was a prize giveaway. she gave it to me because she didnt like that it said treat machine, lol.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dwight.delahunt.5 Dwight Delahunt

    As a former Dairy Queen owner and an owner of a Treat Machine I can confirm you own one of 3500 treat machines given away in 1980. DQ owners were also able to purchase one for personal use as I did. Mine still runs well and my son in law calls it White Lightning I have threatened to leave it to him in my will. Enjoy Dwight Delahunt Ottawa

  • Theo

    For anyone that has one of these, I will buy it. I have been looking for one for ages.