• Gladenorth02

    I have a 1976 Bi-Centenial Coast to caost 10 Speed bike, it is red, white, and blue….It could be up for sale if interested let me know….

  • zac clements

    I have the same coast king

  • Comc

    My gf just bought the same bike, only ladies step thru version. Weighs a ton but is a smooth ride. Sun tour derailers shift nicely.

  • Stacy

    I am an avid cyclist and was recently expressing to my father that I wish I had my road bike I bought in jr. High with my babysitting money. This last weekend I went home for a visit and he led me directly to my old regent. I had no idea they still had it. Except for the tires, she is in pristine condition. Super excited and can’t wait to get her tuned up! Definitely the heaviest of all my bikes.