• http://www.balloontirebicycle.com Marc P

    Still haven’t worked out what brand it is. I did find one very similar bike on German Ebay, …had same frame, same colour, same chainwheel and crank, but campy parts everywhere else. Also very plain looking like mine. The name of it was ‘italve’. It had one little decal on it. Mine does not even have a serial number under the crank housing. This bike rides really nice. It works perfectly.
    I think I’m gonna paint it. That way I won’t lose it if I look the other way. It is remarkably un-noticeable. It just kind of blends in to whatever is around. Very hard to spot when parked amongst other bikes.

  • Pop Richmond

    Don’t paint it. Brown is beautiful!

    Plus if the owner himself loses sight of it parked with other bikes, what chance do thieves have?

  • http://OldTenSpeedGallery Wooden Shoe Biker

    I agree do not paint it. Thieves however steal any ride at any timi of day. I have lost four bikes in 12 years from a lady’s 10 speed Viscount to a Raleigh 1973 Roadster 3 speed. Now I lock it even in the garage if the door is open. I would like to electrify a bike one day and observe what and when. But maybe they need it more than I. Thanks Ed