• http://velos-mont-valerien.over-blog.com/ tchikiboum92

    Peugeot was the leader in France
    like any other french factory they used french stuff, except Weinmann brakes and Dutch high quality racks (french racks are so minimalists!)
    I collect about 50 10speeds & I have the same Touraine (originally sold with a white saddle

    • http://marksbikes.wordpress.com/ Mark A.

      Good to know about the white saddle – something I happen to have on hand! Are you located stateside? I know there must be other Touraines over here, but I’ve only ever been made aware of one other, and example that was just sold on CL about a month or so ago in – I think – NH.

    • Tamás

      I have found such a Touraine in the Ceiling of my Uncle, but somebody has stolen the shifting unit at the rear wheel… Can you tell me what was used there originally. I will try to get this shifting unit, which is mounted with a metal plate on this great photo. BTW the saddle of my uncle was really grey and after washing it its now snowwhite again like you wrote! 🙂

  • older1

    Pretty cool, Mark. Looks like its in great condition, and probably would make a reliable commuter. It must have been a highly valued possession for its owner to bring it to the US.