• Joe B.

    Super-Nice! WOW!!!

  • Pop Richmond

    Very clean and classy! Is this the gallery’s first BOB (bottomed-out Brooks)?

    • http://oldtenspeedgallery.com The Ten-Speed Dreamer

      Good point Pop, this is infact our first BOB. I’ll have to add that to the glossary.

  • ted

    paint looks good, wondering how you painted it

  • Mark G

    Thanks for posting the bike! The spouse ended up wanting the Sports, so this one ended up being mine. Alas… I can’t stop adding stuff to this bike. It’s low end, but just attached a converted LED bullet light, front rack, and pump. This could become an obsession, if not already! Check out the whole tear down and restoration:


    Ted, I ended up stripping the original paint with Aircraft stripper, then a few coats of primer, multiple coats of Duplicolor Wimbledon white (kinda yellow shade), and then six layers of clear coat. Pretty durable overall and cheaper than powder coating.

  • Steve Grimmer

    Inspirational! I have a 1980 GP that I rode almost daily until 2006. I’ve been waiting for an idea for a rehab, and this may just be it. Thanks for sharing your bike.
    Steve in the ‘Peg

  • Ryan

    indiana jones would fit right at home riding this ride,so would I,awesome

  • Aiden B.

    Its too bad that you had to get rid of the decals; with my Raleigh I took spray paint and applied it to a brush and simply touched up the points that were chipped.

  • Tomshiba

    From so-so blue to so, so beautiful! Wonderful work that deserves solid praise. You even accented with gold paint at the weld seams. The color combination reminds me of French Vanilla ice cream with caramel topping. Well done.

  • Justin

    Is that a Wald rack? I’m currently using one, and am also currently using panniers made from the exact same army surplus bags (diff color though).

    They work perfectly. The shoulder straps they came with can be wrapped around the bags and secured to the rack struts to prevent any swinging around.