• Mark M

    That’s fun to see on this site, thanks. It was sold shortly after these photos were taken, it was hard to let it go but the offer was too good to pass up.

  • Hugh from Highland

    I love the bike, But I don`t get the touring saddle with the
    drop handlebars? That`s the second one like that I have seen

  • Mark M

    I set it up intending to keep it, but I put the original saddle on it when I put it up for sale. I love the touring seat, especially when I never ride in the drops….check here to see my main ride set-up.. http://velospace.org/node/1363 Thanks!

  • Hugh

    Your main ride is Bad-Ass

  • mark m

    Thanks Hugh! I love it…

  • pbal

    I bought Mint Condition, a Red Schwinn Traveler Cro Moly 4130 double butted main tubes, frame made in America. Has metal plate on tube below handle bars reads-Schwinn – Chicago. The serial number is on bottom of pedal crank housing. The number is – SF510614/B42. Can anyone supply me with the year bike was made. Thanks a Bunch.