• Laverack

    They are called “flint catchers” and they really do work. They will save your lighter weight tire of olden times from any little piece of glass, sharp stone, tack etc. you might encounter. Used to be standard issue on city bikes.

  • Ryan Surface

    Like Cameron said can’t wait for the after shots, Lots like a sweet Italian ride you got there

  • Beater RezQ

    Nice golden oldie! I had a Gitane with the same Campy Valentino shift group. ( sooo much easier to spell than dee-rail-er, tee-hee ) The bike was a 1972 Gitane something or other, with the most primitive looking derailleurs. The front operated on a piston- looking set up manipulated by the gear cable. Primitive, but nice. Good luck on your resto’ project. ( I held on to the shift group…bike long gone )