• Jim

    I had one of these! It may have been the only racer in Halfords that day with toeclips, it was certainly the only one with alloy wheels. Very exotic in 1983 Edinburgh. I remember the shop guy saying they were unreliable, which somehow lent the bike a dangerous, unpredictable edge. Even at 11 or 12 I could see it was worth the £10 extra over the steel-rimmed Raleighs. I think it was £145 but it may have been £165.

    In the UK they had a white saddle but Ambrosia rims, yes. I think it was a Sprint 28c, to give it the full title. Still not sure what 28c means.

  • Essylu

    I just found this exact same frame w original stem & bars on my sidewalk (in Paris). It seems quite light. I was investigating the web to find out the type of tubing it has. Sticker says “tubi bianchi calibrati 1-20”. No idea what it means. Du you know what it is made of?

  • nikos

    i just found one of these beautiful bianchi, it needs to be replaced most of the parts on it,{ new groupset}Can someone tell me which model of compognolo should i buy to be the right one. Thank you..!!!

  • JIm

    My uk Halfords version didn’t have any campag on it originally, so I think you can use hwat you like with it. Regarding the tubing, I don’t remember any sticker saying it was anything more than plain guage (and they do tend to say if it’s double butted etc) so I’d guess it’s plain guage. But nice plain guage, well lugged and painted!

  • http://markspizz.net mark

    Essylu – I believe it’s just plain-jane steel tubing, no fancy columbus steel on this frame. That being said, it’s very light, well paintings, and stiff.

    Nikos – I have upgraded this bike to 8 speed chorus hubs, (130 mm, just fits the 127mm rear spacing), chorus derailers and BB, and record square-taper cranks. The bike is a pleasure to ride, the geometry of these frames is perfect for fast road riding.

    • Ferg

      Mark – my BB needs replacing on my bianchi sprint 28c. Can you suggest the exact model / size to replace it with?
      I am a newbie and stuck