• Hugh

    Awsome bike Matt, One of the first bikes I restored was an old Motobecane Super Mirage.They are truely works of art.

  • http://www.namssorg.com Matt

    The brake hoods are original! In fact, when I took these photos, everything on the bike was the way it came from the store in 1977 except for the new tires I put on (The old ones were dry rotted.. along with the brake pads which I still haven’t swapped out yet)

    That sweet chrome speedo is actually an odometer (but it really looks nice up there) showing just over 100 miles- all put on by my Mom back when she rode it.

  • Nick

    She’s a beaut!

  • Gary Hallett

    Hi Matt, I also have a 1977 super mirage. Not as sweet as yours ( no chrome speed thingy) but in its original form. Down to original Tires I believe. I was wondering If I WERE to consider selling it what it might be worth? Im sorry but I just happend to come across this bike at a garage sale,and am not a true O.T.S.bike guy. but I think I may have a gem here… Could you steer me in the right direction on what this bike is worth?? Thanks for takeing your time to read this. all your bikes are beautiful… Thanks Gary

    • Shafferkurtis

      IMHO, depending on where you live I’d say 150-250 realistically. I don’t think original parts add alot of value to this bike. When new the model “super mirage” was just one tier above their entry level bike. I’ve owned this model of bike for about 4 months. In that time frame I’ve had 5-6 convertsations with strangers about the bike. Aesthetically it’s very easy on the eyes but as far as function the quality (speed/ weight ratio) of the bike isn’t anything close to what is being made now-a-days.