• Ben Hrouda

    Wonder if that stem is beyond the minimum insertion point. Be careful.

  • Matt K

    The stem was lowered before the bike was ridden–these were taken just before I adjusted everything. It’s nice and safe now.

  • http://haguester.posterous.com/ Bob H.

    My palms itched acquisitively when I beheld this glorious machine! Viva la Monkey Wards!

  • Mike P

    Nice gold color wish more info would come to light on these M.W. bikes like who made them and what components were used – Nice find Matt

  • blankend

    I had a Montgomery Ward ten speed in the early 70’s, maybe 1972. It was the exact same gold color as this one. It had a small black seat like you would expect for a 10 speed English Racer. The seat pictured does not go with this bike, although I am sure it is more comfortable than those little racing seats that had little to no padding..