• edh


    BTW the quick release on the front wheel is on the wrong side (that’s a pet peeve of mine).

  • grant

    And lower that stem before you kill youself.

  • Doug W.

    A great find! Glad to read/feel your enthusiasm for this nice ride. I bet it feels like a sports car after the bmx. Keep it rolling!

  • Matt K

    The stem has been lowered and the seat is higher–I took those pics during my giddy first hour of ownership, before any adjustments. I am curious, though, what difference does it make which side the quick release is on? Is it just a matter oh having the front and rear levers on the same side?

  • grant

    A quick release lever on the wrong side is a sure sign of a neophyte.
    With time you will learn not to question the small pearls of wisdom dropped in your path, just stoop and pick them up.

  • Matt K


  • Steven L

    Nice bike Matt, I love old euro bikes and the I think the 70’s Moto’s had the best paint and paint schemes. The reason qr’s are on the same side – a lot of old bikers like me have ocd…and if an old biker tells you to bend over to pick something up, don’t.